Here is the new edition of the #1 best-seller: A 16-chapter paperback that covers all the basics in a student-friendly, low-cost format. This edition has been completely updated with all new data and many new features and a new design! This is the book that thoroughly covers increasing economic inequality in the United States!

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2015, 648 pages

Sociology15thEThis is the new 15th edition of Sociology (2014), which is now available in more versions than ever before:

  • Use the 24-chapter bound book in hard cover or paper cover.
  • Create your own custom version with only the chapters you wish to teach.
  • Use the electronic version and students save even more.
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This new edition is thoroughly updated with the latest on economic inequality, same-sex marriage, and the 2012 national elections. The book has a completely new design.

On behalf of our discipline, I continue to oppose the “outsourcing” of textbook supplements to “vendors” and people who are not sociologists! To “walk the walk,” I personally have written:

  • the Test Item File
  • the MySocLab learning material, including the learning assessment questions and Social Explorer discovery exercises
  • Annotations found in the Annotated Instructor’s Edition
  • the NEW Instructor’s Manual that includes my own teaching strategies, “close-up” discussion of selected chapter material, my own favorite video material, and plenty of additional supplemental lecture material

Sociology 15th edition offers an unsurpassed learning package to students and great support to my faculty colleagues. The many versions of the book provide you and your classes with the greatest level of flexibility to meet your specific needs. The new MySocLab also offers a full program of new videos and a full library of primary source readings, many of which I have keyed to the text chapters. Please check it out! For my sample syllabi, Click here.

This text remains the #1 best-seller.

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This is the new Fifth Edition of the text that is the #1 best-seller for the social problems course.

This low-cost paperback text combines political analysis with sociological theory to help students understand the debates that define today’s world. The revised text has all the latest data on increasing economic inequality and hundreds of new research citations. There is an author-written test item file. The MySocLab for this text is written by John Macionis, not a “vendor” as in competing texts.

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2013, 550 pages.

A Note to My Colleagues:

The goal is quality without compromise. To achieve this objective, I have always been personally involved in all aspects of developing our texts. Beyond the writing, I work on the production and design of the books, select the images that appear on the pages, just as I personally write the test-item files and oversee all the supplements. Now this author involvement reaches a new level with the new versions of MySocLab.

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Classic, Contemporary, and Cross-Cultural Readings in Sociology.

This new, low-cost paperback contains all
your favorites plus several new selections.

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2010, 500 pages


A 23 chapter, thoroughly Canadian, full-coverage, textbook.

This is the #1 textbook in Canada.

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ISBN-10: 0133156591
ISBN-13: 9780133156591

2014, 720 pages

A 16 chapter, thoroughly Canadian full-coverage, paperback text.

This is the # 1 paperback text in Canada.

2013, 560 pages

ISBN -10: 0132898918
ISBN-13: 9780132898911

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The leading book for urban studies and urban sociology courses. Comprehensive coverage of U.S. and global cities in a sociologically sophisticated, multi-disciplinary core text.

2013,480 pages

ISBN-10: 0205902588

ISBN-13: 9780205902583

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