Mission Statement

Welcome to the John Macionis website, which encourages us to see the path to change. Perhaps you are a college or university teacher, perhaps you are a student, but almost certainly you are a person concerned about the state of our world.

How do we make the world a better place?

Teaching is an effective path to change. Especially when the discipline is sociology–the study of human society–helping others to learn and engage in critical discussion about our world makes a huge difference. Each year, almost 1 million people in the United States enroll in a sociology course; globally, the number is ten times greater.

Activism, both within the political arena and in the local community, is another path to change. Volunteer work, through which we share our time and our talents, connects us to causes and organizations that make a difference. Providing financial assistance to worthy causes also matters.

John Macionis has spent forty years as a classroom teacher, in liberal arts colleges, universities, and community colleges. John’s goal as a teacher has always been to enrich the life of each student and to encourage students to engage in the work of making change. John is also an active citizen who serves a number of non-profit organizations through volunteer work, providing leadership, and supplying financial support. A significant share of the revenues from textbook sales support organizations that address economic inequality, provide greater opportunity to children living in low-income places, and improve the natural environment.

John J. Macionis John J. Macionis John J. Macionis