SOCIOLOGY, 18th Edition 2024 Update

This is the new 2020 Update of the 17th edition of Sociology, the #1 best-selling, full feature title that covers the entire introductory course in a new, interactive digital format. Print copies are available for a small additional cost. Custom books and rental books are also available.

This new edition has the discipline’s first chapter on Social Media! How can we teach about U.S. society without including this topic?

This 2020 update is completely fresh based on more than 350 new research publications, new videos, and more interactive features. Examples and illustrations, including increasing income inequality, the consequences of the 2016 presidential election, the 2020 presidential campaign, increasing automation, the transgender movement, and the #MeToo movement, are all current. Every one of more than 2,000 individual statistics have been updated to the latest available data. I have made late insertions of some information on the COVID-19 pandemic, and I will continue to update the digital text over time.

In pursuit of the highest quality, I continue to oppose the “outsourcing” of teaching supplements to “vendors” who are not sociologists. I am the only author who personally prepares the test bank and a highly useful instructor’s manual. I also am involved in the full development of the Revel digital title to ensure the quality that you expect from our learning material.

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Sociological Links Library

You will find links to dozens of organizations that generate useful information for people who are trying to change the world in one way or another. Find those that interest you to learn more...

American Demographics
American Journal of Sociology
American Sociological Association

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Profiles of powerful sociologists

Learn more about a number of the most influential men and women who have shaped the discipline of sociology and changed the world...

Max Weber
C. Wright Mills
George Herbert Mead
Karl Marx
Rosabeth Moss Kanter

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